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Our Small Team

Friendly, Professional, Talented

Skygear is made up of people who care and who are passionate about developing our industry.

Daniel Herbert

With a background in both model aviation and photography, and seeing the space being created by others with an interest in these fields, Daniel created Skygear in early 2014.

Always the advocate for the good use of this technology, he has become an avid and outspoken voice for the industry. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence programming / robotics were Daniel's focus while in school, naturally making flying robots his current passion.

Always available, always engaged, always moving forward.

Daniel Herbert

Founder & CEO
Marina Kopylova

Marina leads the charge on both the marketing and financial fronts. She has been instrumental in keeping Skygear on the right track with investments and with our organizational structure.

With an International Business MBA, work experience in four different countries, and fluency in several languages, Marina brings a truly global flavor to the company.

Marina Kopylova

Founder & CFO
Joseph Warwick

From STEM education to training groups of police officers, Joe Warwick can teach just about anything to anyone. A High School Physics instructor for the last 26 years, he possesses a thorough understanding of curriculum development and organized instruction, which makes him the perfect head of Skygear's flight training division.

In 2006, Joe created Physics & Flight - a Summer camp for youngsters focusing on the science behind flying. His passion for teaching fits in beautifully with the philosphy embedded within Skygear Solutions.

Joseph Warwick

Director, UAS Flight Training
Michael Henderson

Retired after 25 years in the Princeton, New Jersey Police Department as a Lieutenant, Michael Henderson serves as the core of our Public Safety and Law Enforcement training program. Now skilled in flying unmanned aircraft, Mike now has both the experience and skills necessary to offer our clients seeking the same for their staff.

This family man has found a terrific way to continue to serve and protect and we're happy to have him working with Skygear.

Michael Henderson

Public Safety Consultant
Martin Mao

Martin Mao has recently joined the Skygear Team in an effort to boost the quality level of our media creation. An expert in both the field of digital photography and color grading, Martin, takes Skygear media to a new level.

Martin Mao

Media Specialist / Content Developer
Scott Stengel

The newest addition to the Skygear Team, Scott Stengel, possesses a long history of flying unmanned aircraft. An expert in his craft, he has the ability to capture the shots and angles that few can replicate. Working closely with our other pilots and videographers, Scott helps complete the precise aerial team that Skygear is known for.

Scott Stengel

FAA Certificated Remote Pilot
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What we do and...

What SKYGEAR Can Do For You:


The many talents that comprise Skygear Solutions give us the opportunity to provide many offerings to our clients.  Below, you will see descriptions of just some of these offerings.  If you seek work or assistance with work outside of any of these areas, please feel free to inquire about our availability and expertise in that particular arena.  This industry is growing at a pace rarely seen, with new and innovative ideas popping up on a daily basis.  Keeping up with the new trends and being on the leading edge of what we're doing has been exciting over the last few years.  We will continue to ride this wave and continue to support all of our client base riding it with us.

  • Equipment Sales

    Commercial / Recreational / Industrial

    The Skygear Store has been online for over two years now and we've recently moved to a new URL: Skygear Store
    Visit the site for the latest aerial gear at the best possible prices. We carry full a full line of products from manufacturers like DJI, Yuneec, FreeFly, GoPro, FatShark, Blade, FLIR, GPC, Polar Pro, and many more.

    Skygear Solutions, Inc. is an Authorized DJI Reseller and all purchases made are covered under the manufacturer's warranty. We FLY what we sell so you can be certain that we know the product and can speak intelligently about it. All of us were builders first and possess a thorough knowledge of nearly everything we sell.

  • Aerial Services

    Photography / Video / Mapping / Inspection / Surveys / More

    Skygear is fast becoming known for their top quality aerial work. Not only do we provide visually stunning photography and video work, but we also offer other drone services as well.

    Each and every one of our employees is a certificated Remote Pilot pursuant to 14 CFR Part 107. This helps to ensure that we always have a Pilot in Command with the right license for FAA approved operations.

    Skygear Solutions, Inc. carries a $2M liability commercial aviation insurance policy on each of our aircraft. We are proud to say that our safety record has stayed perfect since we started the company.

    We primarily use a Black Edition DJI Inspire 1 Pro quadcopter with a wide assortment of lenses and filters to gather most of our content for clients. This equipment delivers 4K resolution video and 16 Megapixel still images in Adobe DNG Raw and JPG format. Please feel free to browse through some of the portfolio images and video on this website for samples.

    If a larger format camera is needed, Skygear is able to fly both the RED Epic and Arri Alexa Mini cameras from a DJI M600 hexacopter – at a premium rate.

    Orthomosaic map generation, 3D modeling, NDVI imaging, elevation indexes, and thermal imagery are all a part of our arsenal and offerings to our clients.

  • UAS Flight Training

    Individual / Group / Public Safety / AutoFlight Logic

    Skygear offers myriad training options for both groups and individuals. From instruction on taking the UAG Exam to actual hands-on UAS flight training, Skygear can help guide you to operating at the professional level you desire.

    Specialty training is also offered for law enforcement and public safety officials.

    Recently added to Skygear’s offerings is an instructional program for the use of software from AutoFlight Logic.

    For more details on our training and educational packages, please visit the SKYGEAR TRAINING section of our website.

    Skygear Store
  • Consultation

    Business Direction / Exam Preparation / Document Creation

    Businesses and government agencies are regularly adding unmanned aircraft to their operations. Skygear is happy to engage and consult on this topic and aid in the integration process. Whether that’s a discussion about equipment or development of internal policies, we have the expertise to help build a solid program for use of this new technology.

    Consultation is also offered for groups or individuals planning to take the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft General (UAG) Exam. Compliance with 14 CFR Part 107 is crucial for commercial use of sUAS now and Skygear can prepare you or your business for this test and licensing.

    Part 107 waivers and airspace authorizations, along with COA applications are a specialty of Skygear Solutions. We’ve been involved in the process since the beginning and have a thorough understanding of paperwork and permissions needed for specific FAA requirements.

  • Events

    Event Management / Hosting / Sponsorship / Attendance

    We LOVE events! Skygear gets involved whenever we can to reach out to the public to teach and introduce as many people as possible to this exciting new technology. We’ve hosted events, helped manage events, sponsored events, and attended as many as we could in the last few years.

    If your organization needs assistance in managing an event or would like to include drones in any way, please feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to offer our help. If you’re hosting a relevant event and are looking for sponsors to engage with your activity, Skygear can certainly provide promotional support and product to boost your reach and excitement.

    Conferences, racing competitions, panel discussions, trade shows, exhibitions, and fun-flys are becoming more popular every day in this industry. All of us at Skygear are excited to be so intertwined with this fantastic momentum!


Our work


We take pride in what we create.  Whether that's an afternoon donating services to the local March of Dimes event or working for our biggest clients on critical projects, Skygear always dedicates as much effort toward achieving perfection as possible.  Our portfolio consists of aerial work, training efforts, and events.  Please browse through some of the media below to see what motivates us and what we love to do:

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Skygear Solutions maintains a number of social media accounts and online forums.  Shown below are some details and links to our most popular social stops.

Just a few of our favorite and most satisfied clients:

Skygear Solutions, Inc. is a Delaware based S-Corporation with its headquarters in Dover.

Two satellite offices exist - one in Northern New Jersey and another in Wilmington, DE.


Skygear Media, LLC
Post Office Box 382
Rockaway, NJ  07866


Skygear Solutions, Inc.
8 The Green; Suite 6148
Dover, DE  19901

(216) SKY-GEAR


Skygear Solutions, Inc.
4536 Kirkwood Highway; Suite A
Wilmington, DE  19808

(216) SKY-GEAR
(302) 200-7223
4536 Kirkwood Highway; Suite A
Wilmington, Delaware  19808